Instructions And Variations Of The Games - House Rules Game Set
Invite some friends over and turn your card night into the talk of the town! The House Rules™ is an easy and convenient way to learn many variations to the classic card game Poker, such as Theen Pathi, Brag, Texas Hold ‘Em, and many more.
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The Games

Bring something different to the table with the House Rules Game Set!

The Game Book includes instructions and variations for all of the following games.


Immerse yourself in this classic Indian card game, also known as Flush or Flash. A three-card variation of Poker, Theen Pathi (or Teen Patti) is a game in which players bet against who has the best hand of cards.  It is best enjoyed when played with 4 to 7 players.


Sent out too many invites? 5 Card Poker is a classic card game that is great for large groups. Players bet on the best five card combination to win the total amount in the pot.


Take your chances on a hand of only three cards with 3 Card Brag! Originating in Britain, the game varies from Theen Pathi and 5 Card Poker by the way bets are placed. Best enjoyed with 3 to 8 players, Three Card Brag is fun for a few friends or even a big group.


Want to spice things up a little? We recommend that you raise the stakes, pull out the chips, and have some fun with a true classic. One of the best known variations of Poker, Texas Hold’Em traces back many decades to its roots in Robstown, Texas.



Mix up your game night a little with Drop! A slight variation from Theen Pathi, Drop requires players to take 2 cards each and place their bets based on the quality of their hands.


Feeling courageous? Do you have the guts for this game? Similar to Drop, Guts is a three card poker variation. Each player is dealt three cards and must decide if they have the “guts” to continue the game.


A quick transitional game or a full blown war between friends, 7/27 is bound to cause a stir in any game night.  Akin to Blackjack, players aim to create a hand with a sum of 7 or 27.


A spin-off of Blackjack, In-Between is commonly referred to as “Red Dog” by many casinos. It is a banking game consisting of two cards dealt face up, and players betting on whether a third card will fall in-between the values of the first two.


This high-stakes game only gives you three shots at success! Pass the Ace is played with three equally valued chips and a deck of cards. The objective is to end each turn with the highest numbered card in your hand; if you hold either the lowest card, or an Ace, you lose one of three chips.


Have a little fun with Indian Poker! This game requires players to carefully place a card on their forehead without seeing what card was dealt to them. Players can freely see the cards of their opponents but not their own. As you play, bet against your fellow players and the person with the highest card wins.